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Our transport company was established in 1992 in Kavadarci, Macedonia and is already 24 years actively present in the field of international transport. We first appeared as "Evro Sped" in 1994 on domestic and international market place. Owning a fleet of 40 refrigerators with highest Euro 6 standards, we guarantee top - quality and in time services at competitive prices from our professionally trained and motivated team of young people. In order to meet the requirements of the growing international market, we continuously search for new import - export partnerships and other cooperative carriers. Today, after many years of improvement and establishment, we continue to be successful thanks to our partners and clients in maintaining the good reputation on national and international level.

We are prepared to deal with complex coordinations; planning the development of cargo between plants, port, stockrooms or any goal. Our organized administrations enable our fleet to transport stacks amongst areas and offer items for sale to the market. Regardless of whether cross-country or local, we have a transportation intend to address your issues.

We are pleased to offer our times of involvement behind transportation business

Auspicious pickups and conveyances, trustworthiness and respectability are what separate us from the rest. We achieve this by utilizing experts that consider trucking something other than an occupation; it's our lifestyle. Our devoted representatives are the foundation of our organization. We have collected a group of drivers and care staff, which are among the best in the business. Our business is an administration business, and the nature of the general population is the key fixing. Our remuneration bundle, which is one of the most elevated in the business, draws in and holds top ability. We don't prepare and contract unpracticed drivers. We screen candidates deliberately for involvement, security, association, polished methodology and administration. Our drivers are protected and experienced experts with more than 10 years’ normal experience. We can organize your administrations with speed and exactness. Our on-time and wellbeing records are wonderful and show why "Evro-Sped" is viewed as one of the country's finest. "Evro Sped" can give you an upper hand. Because of these endeavors, Evro-Sped's team reliably and securely meets settled upon conveyance plans more than 99% of the time. Our administration is second to none. By using our exceptional administrations, shippers can enhance effectiveness and create critical investment funds in their coordination and dissemination chains, while guaranteeing the outright fulfillment of their clients.


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